Other Committee Members
Other Committee Members
Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium Limited
Martin Liao Barrister-At-Law
Bank Of China (Hong Kong) Limited
Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium Limited
Mainland Sewing Headwear Manufacturing Limited
Philip K.H. Wong, Kennedy Y.H. Wong & Company
C & L Holdings Limited
Christine M. Koo & Ip, Solicitors & Notaries
Kapital Investment Limited
Asia Financial Group
Nameson Group
Maxim's Caterers Limited
Guotai Junan International Holdings Limited
Yuzhou Financial HoldingsLimited
Tao Heung Group
Nelson Jewellery Arts Company Limited
Chinese Goods Centre Limited
Blossom Wealth Enterprises Limited
Hang Tung Resources Limited
Titan Works Limited
Shun Tak Properties Limited
Multi-Control Import And Export Limited
Fok Ying Tung Group
CDL Investments Ltd.
Magna Development Holdings Limited
Grand Capital Holdings Limited
Chuan Chiong Company Limited
BOCOM International Holdings Company Limited
Heung Kong Group
G. S. Ventures (H.K.) Limited
Kum Shing Group Limited
Fuman (HK) Co. Ltd.
Hong Thai Enterprises Company Limited
S & F Enterprises Development Co. Ltd.
Citic Merchant Co., Limited
Fok Ying Tung Group
South Asia Enterprises Limited
Dah Sing Bank, Limited
Hodoor International Limited
Kwai Hung Realty Company Limited
Hip Shing Hong (Holdings) Co. Ltd.
Memorigin Watch Company Ltd.
The Hong Kong Chinese Importers' & Exporters' Association
The Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association
Shun Tak Tourism Investment Holdings Limited
Lai Sun Group
Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd.
Lee Kum Kee Company Limited
Greenacre Limited
South China Strategic Limited
China Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd.
Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Limited
China Travel Service (Holdings) Hong Kong Limited
Bank Of Communications Co., Ltd.
Nanyang Commercial Bank, Limited
COSCO Shipping (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Industrial Investment (Holdings) Company Limited
China Taiping Insurance Group (HK) Company Limited
Sino United Publishing (Holdings) Limited
China Taiping Insurance (HK) Company Limited
Chao Tai Enterprises Company Limited
Broadway Photo Supply Limited
Mission Hills Group
Chevalier International Holdings Ltd.
Manulife Financial
Anthony Kwan & Company Solicitors
Haitong International Securities Group Limited
Wah Fu Petroleum Company Limited
Mitex Fashion Limited
Pricewaterhousecoopers Ltd
Bloomfield Limited
Woo Leung Lee Jewellery Company Limited
Kwai Wah Electronics Limited
Lau & Chan, Solicitors
Wheelock And Company Limited
Hong Kong Aerospace Technology Group Limited
Computer And Technologies Holdings Limited
Tony T N Chan Surveyors International Limited
Lamda Chambers
Nice Dragon (China) Limited
YGM Trading Ltd.
University Medical Center Company Limited
Po Wai Development (HK) Co. Ltd.
Chui & Lau, Solicitors
AD+RG Architecture Design And Research Group Ltd.
Jade Rattan Ware Company Limited
Tai Kong Industrial (Holdings) Company Limited
Maximus Capital Management Limited
VHsoft Technologies Company Limited
DSL Investments Limited
Tsit Wing Coffee Company Limited
Taiping Reinsurance Company Limited
Chamberlain Educational Services Limited
Chak Ho Group Limited
FC Packaging (Hong Kong) Limited
Mabros Jewellery Company Limited
Kui Fat Yuen Limited
Qiming Development (HK) Limited
Far East Consortium International Ltd
Macau Hotel Royal (HK) Limited
Chuang's Properties Limited
Bright Star Toy Factory Limited
Kam Wai International Trading Co. Ltd.
Teclent Venture Investment Ltd.
E. Tech Management (HK) Limited
Kim Hung Construction & Engineering Company Limited
Wing Loong Goldsmith
Nuovo Collection Limited
Sanfull Securities Limited
Meizhou Guo Wei Electronics Co. Ltd.
Roger Kam & Co
Amazing Life Development Co. Ltd.
South China Holdings Co. Ltd.
Tenwell Development Limited
Asiapac Net Media Limited
Crown Team Enterprise Limited
Liu & Wong Certified Public Accountants
Kinetics Medical And Health Group Co. Ltd.
Deannie Yew And Associates, Solicitors
Hsbc Broking Services (Asia) Limited
Interlite Lighting Hong Kong Limited
Masterline (H.K.) Ltd.
Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium Limited
Ahsay Backup Software Development Company Limited
Top Team (Hong Kong) Limited
HSBC Private Banking
Sunrise Offset Printing (HK) Co. Limited
Cadano Group Limited
Great Horse International Limited
First China Financial Holdings Limited
Wide China Corporation Limited
Sun Wah Investment (Hong Kong) Limited
Shue Yan Paper Products Manufactory Ltd.
Harvest International Housewares Limited
I & C Think Tank Company Limited
Amundi Hong Kong Limited
Mayer Holdings Limited
Global Link Retail Management Limited
Ping Shan Food Co. Ltd.
Wai Ka International Ltd.
Gold Sea Holdings Limited
Hong Kong Finance Investment Holding Group Ltd.
JD Investment Management Limited
Chun Mei Gallery Ltd.
Dailywin Aerospace Tech Limited
Yue Tai Development Company
Integrated Corporation
Mui's Kamsing Garment Limited
Hang Tai Stationery Company Limited
AXA China Region Insurance Company Limited
Lo's Enviro-Pro-Limited
Ample Construction Co. Ltd.
Chinese Paper Merchants Association Limited
The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society
Nam Pak Hong Association
Hong Kong Human Hair Merchants & Human Hair Products Mfg Assn. Ltd.
The Industrial Chemical Merchants' Association Limited
Chinese Medicine Merchants Association Limited
Hong Kong Metal Merchants Association
Po Yick General Chinese & Foreign Goods I/E Comm. Society Of H.K.
Toi Shan Association Of Hong Kong Limited
The Hong Kong Piece Goods Merchants' Association
H. K. Petroleum Chemicals & Phar. Materials Merchants Assn. Ltd.
Hong Kong Swatow Merchants Association Limited
The Rice Merchants' Association Of Hong Kong Limited
Hong Kong Embroidery Merchants Association Limited
Hong Kong Yee Yee Tong Chinese Medicine Association Limited
The Nam An (Hong Kong) Association
Hong Kong Dried Sea Food & Grocery Merchants Association Limited
The Hong Kong Hai Nan Commercial Association
Hong Kong Paper Association Limited
Hong Kong Straw Products Importers & Exporters Assn. Ltd.
Po Sau Tong Ginseng & Antler Association Hong Kong Limited
Hong Kong Meizhou (Ka Ying) General Chamber Of Commerce Limited
Hong Kong Mei Zhou Association Limited
Hong Kong Porcelain Merchants Association Limited
Chinese Insurance Association Of Hong Kong Limited
Hong Kong Chinese Textile Mills Association
Hong Kong Cereals And Oils Traders' Association Limited
Hong Kong Fukien Chamber Of Commerce
Hong Kong Chiu Chow Chamber Of Commerce Limited
Hong Kong Chiu Chow Merchants Mutual Assistance Society Limited
Pork Traders General Association Of Hong Kong Limited
The Federation Of Hong Kong Footwear Limited
Hong Kong Provision & Grocery General Commercial Chamber
Fung Kwai Tong Eggs Merchant Association
Hong Kong Art Craft Merchants Association Limited
Hong Kong Securities Association Limited
Hong Kong Kwun Tong Industries & Commerce Association Limited
Nam Hoi Traders' Association Limited
The Pun U District Association Of Hong Kong
HK & KLN Stationery & Educational Supplies Merchants Assn. Ltd.
The HK & KLN General Merchandise Merchants' Association Ltd.
Hong Kong & Kowloon Fruit & Vegetable Employees & Employers Guild
The Hong Kong & Kowloon Frozen Meat Dealers' Association Limited
Hong Kong & Kowloon Tea Trade Merchants Association Ltd.
Hong Kong & Kowloon General Association Of Liquor Dealers & Distillers
HK & KLN Light Industrial Products Importers & Exporters Assn. Ltd.
Hong Kong & Kowloon Machinery & Instrument Merchants Association Ltd
HK & KLN Steel & Metal Importers & Exporters Association Limited
Hong Kong & Kowloon Mineral Product Merchants Association Limited
The Hong Kong & Kowloon Provisions Wine & Spirit Dealers' Assn. Ltd.
The Hong Kong & Kowloon Salt Merchants' Association
New Territories General Chamber Of Commerce
The San Wui Commercial Society Of Hong Kong
The Institute Of Securities Dealers Ltd.
Po On Commercial Association