Voice in Legco
Voice in Legco

Formulate Diversified Investment Strategies to Leverage Government’s Non-Financial Assets

Faced with a fiscal deficit of over a hundred billion dollars and a decline in government fiscal reserves, the Government needs to manage its non-financial assets more comprehensively and proactively.


The Safeguarding National Security Ordinance (SNSO) was passed after the third reading at the Legislative Council on 19 March and officially came into effect on 23 March. Together with the National Security Law and the 5.28 Decision of the National People’s Congress, the SNSO build up an effective shield for safeguarding national security.


The report to the 20th National Congress of the CPC stated to develop the marine economy. Hong Kong, which is located in China’s southern marine economic circle and serves as a key node of the “Belt and Road” Initiative, should leverage its advantages to actively participate in and promote the development of our country’s marine economy.


Combating cyber fraud crimes on all fronts is crucial to promoting digital economy and smart city development.


The Government must remain result-oriented to expand development capacity, strengthen development momentum, speed up the recovery process, and inject vitality into the economy.


The sustainability of public finance is an important foundation for the stable and prosperous development of Hong Kong’s society and economy. Hong Kong needs the Government to have sufficient financial strength to withstand risks to ensure the stability of its economy and financial system.


Reorganizing the Council of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (“CUHK”) is necessary, urgent and legitimate. The Legislative Council (“LegCo”) passed The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Amendment) Bill 2023 on the third reading on November 1, which is an important step towards improving the university’s governance and enhancing its efficiency of governance.


Amendments to Hong Kong’s criminal procedure, which are necessary, proper and timely, will help safeguard procedural justice and the reputation of the laws of Hong Kong.


Promoting the Nurturing of Local Professional Services Talents


The key to improving the governance of the districts is to get the district bodies to truly return to their original role spelled out in Article 97 of the Basic Law, i.e., their positioning not as organs of political power, in order to raise the standard of district governance.


Late last year, the Hongkong Electric Company (HEC) and CLP Power Hong Kong(CLP) announced that they would raise tariffs from January 2023 by 45.6% and 19.8% respectively compared with
January 2022, which were the highest tariff hikes in past years. How can we lower electricity tariffs to alleviate the burden on the public?