Voice in Legco
Voice in Legco

Improving Hong Kong’s Criminal Procedure

Amendments to Hong Kong’s criminal procedure, which are necessary, proper and timely, will help safeguard procedural justice and the reputation of the laws of Hong Kong.


Climate change and energy issues are today’s prominent global challenges that concern the common interests of humanity and the future of planet Earth.


Hong Kong’s interdependence with the motherland means that China’s “dual circulation” strategy has far-reaching implications for it. Hong Kong should seize the opportunity to fully leverage its unique strengths under “One Country, Two Systems” to actively integrate into the country’s new development paradigm in the new situation.


Economic growth has been slow for Hong Kong over the past decade. The crux of the matter had originated from our lackluster traditional pillar industries and an excessively unitary economic structure. The HKSAR government should adopt a broader and farther vision




The profound intention underlying the design of the new electoral system is to lead society back to the principle of balanced participation, prevent radical politics, and ensure that the overall interests of Hong Kong are safeguarded more effectively.


It is commendable that the Budget has adopted a lot of new thinking to counter economic adversity.


An improved electoral system has a significant bearing on Hong Kong. Social stability is a prerequisite for effectively resolving Hong Kong’s deep-rooted conflicts and facilitating active engagement in the country’s development.


The authorities shall listen more attentively to the public’s voice and continuously optimize policies and measures according to the latest circumstances.


As the saying goes, it takes 10 years to nurture a tree, but a lifetime to educate a person.