Civil Aviation Department’s Recommendations to Enhance Packaging for Cargo with Lithium ion and/or Metal Batteries Contained in Equipment


Civil Aviation Department (CAD) warned that the packaging of certain air shipments declared to be lithium or metal batteries might be unable to provide adequate protection to the equipment, contained (e.g. use of soft-padded envelop). CAD further stressed that the packages concerned are often loosely packed in overpacks of nylon bags which also contain assorted commodities and are shipped in bulk. CAD made 2 recommendations:


The packaging materials for the overpack should be strong rigid (e.g. carton box of adequate strength). Nylon bags alone should not be considered as strong rigid. They may only be used as an extra layer of protection for strong rigid overpacks of P1967 and P1970 Section II lithium battery shipments


The packages concerned should be secured within the overpack in order to provide further assurance on the protection of the lithium ion or metal batteries contained in equipment therein.

Shippers please note and take proper actions.