2016 August
2016 《Vision》
2016 August

Chinese Entrepreneurs: Drivers for China’s Economic Reform

The Chinese economy of this day and age is characterized by rapid changes. Who are the entrepreneurs facilitating the changes in the Chinese economy? Under what circumstances are they making their impacts? Can these impacts be sustained?

Using IT Smartly to Strive for the Best

In response to the ever-changing market, businesses must also be astute to come up with timely solutions. Technology creates value for industries and businesses; it also promotes re-industrialization and injects new energies into funding, sales, product design and beyond. Making wise use of information and communication technologies helps businesses appeal to investments and keeps customers coming.

Hong Kong Scenic Sensations

At today’s prices, single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras have found a place in ordinary households. Many amateur photographers head for the countryside taking pictures in their leisure. Some even pick far-flung locations like Po Toi to capture vistas hard to find in urban Hong Kong. As the trend catches on, many amateur photographers have matured into professionals. One of the numerous examples is young photographer Francis So.