2016 September
2016 《Vision》
2016 September

Examining Sino-American Relations: Coexistence of Cooperation and Competition

As the US presidential election approaches, the relationship between China and the US is expected to enter a new stage. This article looks at how the two great powers seek political and economic cooperation to facilitate mutual benefits within their complicated and intertwined relationship in the future.

Hong Kong as the “Super Connector” between the Mainland and ASEAN Countries

Because of the strength of Hong Kong’s competitiveness and its role as the “super-connector” between the mainland and the world, Carrie Lam, Chief Secretary for Administration, encourages Vietnam companies to tap the mainland market through Hong Kong and jointly explore huge business opportunities in “the Belt and Road Initiative”.

Young Entrepreneurs Must be Physically and Mentally Prepared

Lau Ming-wai, Chairman of Commission on Youth, encourages young people to start businesses, yet he stresses that business startup is not a choice for everyone and young people should not embark on this road just for the sake of it. They must have their own ideas and make sure they can handle failure before deciding to start their own businesses.