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Hong Kong Businesses Can Actively Participate in “One Belt and One Road” Construction
Direct participation may not be possible, businesses can draw on Hong Kong’s strengths as an international financial center to provide a wide range of investment and financing services for the infrastructure projects along the “One Belt and One Road”.
Promoting Sustainable Development of Retirement Protection System
As the retirement protection system has a far-reaching impact on the overall development of Hong Kong’s society, the authorities must examine the affordability of the society, and strike a balance between improving the social security system and promoting sustainable economic development.
Balance Employment Rights with Economic Development
The labour policies should take into account business operations and sustainable overall economic development while protecting the legitimate rights and interests of employees.
專題午餐會︰英國 公投之後
為進一步讓香港工商界人士了解英國脫歐公投後的前景及挑戰,本會與英國駐香港總領事館合辦午餐會,邀請英國貿易投資署(UK Trade & Investment) 總裁賀頌雅女士(Jo Hawley)擔任演講嘉賓,與大家分享及探討英國的未來走向。
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  香港工商界赴甘肅考察 探討“一帶一路”合作機遇
中總首辦“香港中學生縱橫千里體驗計劃” 撥款300萬元資助逾千名本港青少年赴內地交流
Organ Donation Promotion Charter - The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce
「第七屆香港企業公民嘉許計劃」- 已開始接受報名!
飲食業職安健活動 歡迎參加
“青年發展基金”現正接受申請 歡迎參加簡介會
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    Founded in 1917, The Hong Kong Hainan Commercial Association (HKHCA) was originally named “Qiong Ya Commercial Association” and “The General Association of Hainanese Oversea Chinese”...  
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