Chairman's Message
Inherit the Past and Usher in New Challenges
The new Committee will uphold the Chamber’s missions to serve the business community, participate in Hong Kong and the country’s economic construction, and contribute to the society. We will serve members wholeheartedly.
Shifting Focus Back to Economic and Livelihood Development
As long as our people put aside all their prejudices and shift their focus back to economic development and improvement of people’s livelihood to make more practical efforts for Hong Kong’s long-term economic and social development, Hong Kong will still have a promising future.
Creating an Interconnected Financial Platform for Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong
Hong Kong must get itself ready, be proactive in enhancing its competence in financial and professional services, seize the opportunities made available by the interconnectivity amongst the markets of the three places, further consolidate Hong Kong’s position as a financial center.
Activities Review
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中總提交《施政報告》及《財政預算案》建議 籲聚焦經濟民生 鞏固香港在國家發展戰略中的定位
中總愛心行動~ 樂聚同一天空下
創新科技署“科技券計劃” 現已接受申請
職安健「看圖找錯處」有獎遊戲 歡迎參加
創新及科技支援計劃 – 粵港科技合作資助計劃
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Refugee Influx to Europe: Crisis or Opportunity?
New CGCC Leadership Team Formed
Critical Resources: Key to Successful Startup
    Established in 1928, Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Merchants Association is one of the non-profit-making Chinese medicine organizations with the longest history in Hong Kong...  
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