Hong Kong Summit Highlight
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Chairman's Message
Looking Forward to New Government Stepping up Communication with Business Community
We hope the new governance team will continue to strengthen communication with the industrial and business community, listen to our voices and give appropriate support to vigorously develop the economy and improve people’s livelihood.
Taking Advantage of Hong Kong’s Irreplaceable Function and Position
Hong Kong must focus its efforts in developing its economy so as to seize the development opportunities of the country and to exert Hong Kong’s unique functions and competitive advantages.
Increasing MPF Contributions to Enhance Retirement Protection
The additional contribution of 1% by employers could already bring the amount to HK$5.3 billion, which significantly exceeds the requirement for benefits offsetting.
緬甸是世界上最大的翡翠產地之一,它本身也是一塊尚待琢磨的寶玉。為讓本港工商界人士掌握當地的第一手資訊,本會邀請了緬甸駐港總領事Mr. Wunna Han擔任演講嘉賓,介紹當地最新發展概況及商機。
Activities Review
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  張建宗談青年發展工作 藉不同渠道聽青年聲音
中總舉行周年會員大會 蔡冠深籲工商界抓緊國家發展新機遇
勞工處展能就業科最新通訊 歡迎瀏覽
2016-17年度「積金好僱主」嘉許計劃 現正接受申請 (本會為支持機構)
第16屆香港職業安全健康大獎 現正接受報名 (本會為支持機構)
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“Brexit” Faces Numerous Uncertainties
“Belt and Road Initiative” Showcases Hong Kong’s Strengths
Reasons for Prevalence of Pop-up Stores
    Founded in 1917, The Hong Kong Hainan Commercial Association (HKHCA) was originally named “Qiong Ya Commercial Association” and “The General Association of Hainanese Oversea Chinese”...  
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