Chairman's Message
Great Prospects for Joint Efforts on Innovation and Technology between Guangdong and Hong Kong
If Guangdong and Hong Kong combine the strengths of their innovation and technology industries, they will be able to form a technology industry cluster in southern China.
Enhancing Support for the Business Community from Multiple Directions
While we recognize the direction to optimize the retirement protection policy in the Policy Address, we must take the capacity of the business community into account.
Seizing Opportunities and Accomplishing More in 2017
I hope that all sectors of the society can concentrate on economic development and improving people’s livelihood in the coming year. We must put in more concrete efforts to promote Hong Kong’s long-term development instead of wasting energy on political and internal disputes that will stagnate Hong Kong’s economic development.
Activities Review
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  香港工商界婦女隆重紀念“三八”國際婦女節 暨 慶祝香港回歸祖國20週年聯歡宴會
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Promoting Regional Cooperation to Bolster Global Economy
Building Hong Kong into a Soft Power Hub for the “Belt and Road”
VR: Another Victory in Cyberspace
    Founded in 1917, The Hong Kong Hainan Commercial Association (HKHCA) was originally named “Qiong Ya Commercial Association” and “The General Association of Hainanese Oversea Chinese”...  
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