Chairman's Message
Seizing Opportunities and Accomplishing More in 2017
I hope that all sectors of the society can concentrate on economic development and improving people’s livelihood in the coming year. We must put in more concrete efforts to promote Hong Kong’s long-term development instead of wasting energy on political and internal disputes that will stagnate Hong Kong’s economic development.
Developing Financial Services and Innovative Industries
Hong Kong should respond to the new developments. While consolidating its pillar industries, Hong Kong also has to support the development of potential industries such as the innovation, technology, cultural and creative industries.
Inherit the Past and Usher in New Challenges
The new Committee will uphold the Chamber’s missions to serve the business community, participate in Hong Kong and the country’s economic construction, and contribute to the society. We will serve members wholeheartedly.
Activities Review
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  發揮“強強結合”作用  粵港攜手走向世界 — 蔡冠深率中總新一屆會董訪粵 胡春華、馬興瑞、任學鋒會見
低收入在職家庭津貼計劃 現正接受申請
「聘用兼職員工概況」主題調查 歡迎填覆
2016-18 中小企業「營商友導」計劃 現正接受申請 (本會為協辦機構)
提高警惕 防範電郵騙案
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New Approach of Reform in China Flourishing Diversified Economy
Capitalizing on Hong Kong’s Strengths in “Belt and Road”
Making Breakthrough: Key to Brand Development
    Established in 1928, Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Merchants Association is one of the non-profit-making Chinese medicine organizations with the longest history in Hong Kong...  
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