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Embracing Challenges and Opportunities arising from Brexit
Hong Kong can perform its functions as an international financial centre and the largest offshore RMB business hub to provide comprehensive financial support for Sino-British economic and trade cooperation.
Hong Kong Businesses Can Actively Participate in “One Belt and One Road” Construction
Direct participation may not be possible, businesses can draw on Hong Kong’s strengths as an international financial center to provide a wide range of investment and financing services for the infrastructure projects along the “One Belt and One Road”.
Promoting Sustainable Development of Retirement Protection System
As the retirement protection system has a far-reaching impact on the overall development of Hong Kong’s society, the authorities must examine the affordability of the society, and strike a balance between improving the social security system and promoting sustainable economic development.
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  中總舉辦越南午餐會 林鄭司長籲深化港越夥伴關係

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Chinese Entrepreneurs: Drivers for China’s Economic Reform
Using IT Smartly to Strive for the Best
Hong Kong Scenic Sensations
    Founded in 1917, The Hong Kong Hainan Commercial Association (HKHCA) was originally named “Qiong Ya Commercial Association” and “The General Association of Hainanese Oversea Chinese”...  
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