Chairman's Message
Shifting Focus Back to Economic and Livelihood Development
As long as our people put aside all their prejudices and shift their focus back to economic development and improvement of people’s livelihood to make more practical efforts for Hong Kong’s long-term economic and social development, Hong Kong will still have a promising future.
Creating an Interconnected Financial Platform for Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong
Hong Kong must get itself ready, be proactive in enhancing its competence in financial and professional services, seize the opportunities made available by the interconnectivity amongst the markets of the three places, further consolidate Hong Kong’s position as a financial center.
Embracing Challenges and Opportunities arising from Brexit
Hong Kong can perform its functions as an international financial centre and the largest offshore RMB business hub to provide comprehensive financial support for Sino-British economic and trade cooperation.
Activities Review
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  廣交會六十華誕創輝煌 —— 中總代表團出席第120屆廣交會開幕式
中總強烈譴責擾亂立法會秩序 冀互相尊重 齊心推動香港向前發展
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加拿大 – 對源自香港的混凝土鋼筋的反傾銷行動進行調查
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Seizing Business Opportunities in Green Finance
Tsang Hin-chi and Son: Love for Their Country
Publicity Crisis in an Epic Era
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